As of yesterday, Crosby is two months old! It was so special to celebrate my first Mother’s Day with this little one. We love her so much and are having so much fun with her. Every day is a little different and her personality is definitely starting to come through. We got really lucky a couple days last week with two nights in a row with over five hours of sleep… and then back to every three and a half hours the next night. We’re loosely following Baby Wise so maybe that has something to do with it. I wanted to share some of my favorite photos of her from the last month and our current favorite baby things (listed under the photos).

dockatot and cover 

mamaroo c/o baby bling bow c/o

baby bling bow c/o


blooming bath towel

baby bling bow c/o

uppababy vista stroller and mesa carseat c/o, milk snob cover

copper pear carseat cover

baby bling bow c/o, freshly picked moccasins c/o

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