beach hair

I know summer is almost over, but when it’s hot I never want to do my hair. I love the look of relaxed beachy waves but don’t always want to heat style my hair…. so, when all else fails I reach for some beach spray. It’s best when you work it through wet to damp hair, scrunch and let air dry. But if you’re in a hurry a diffuser will also do the job.

bumble and bumble // phyto plage // marc anthony // fekkai


I have stick straight hair and all four of those products will give me a relaxed wave. But I started thinking, this can’t be too hard to make yourself, right? Guess what? It’s not. Here’s a super easy and cheap recipe to try.

you will need…

1 spray bottle

1 cup of water

2 teaspoons of sea salt

2-3 squirts of your favorite styling gel

1 squirt of a yummy smelling conditioner

This will cost about $10 and all items can be purchased at a drug store. Mix and spray on wet to damp hair and… voila!