Hi all. This is Jeff – better known as ‘the guy behind the camera’ at ashnfashn.com. While my duties are usually limited to photography and website stuff, today I have the distinct honor of being a guest blogger! [ahh the perks of dating Ashley, and working tirelessly on her web presence]

If you’re a regular reader, you know that Ashley rarely posts on weekends. That’s because we’re mostly out and about, running around the LA or OC area with Macallan in tow. As you can imagine, this includes a LOT of shopping… but also errands, a few meals, and at least one social something. Since we both have separation anxiety if we leave the puppy for more than an hour, each weekend is a new challenge to find dog-friendly places to go where little Miss Mac is welcome.




Ash and I thought some of you guys might run into the same issues, and wanted to tip you off to a couple sites that are really helpful.

bringfido.com and dogfriendly.com

Both of these sites should give you some good ideas on where to bring your 4-legged friends.  That said, we’ve kind of become experts at scoping these places out, so if you live in the LA or OC areas and want some more help, email Ashley.

Have a great weekend!