A reader recently emailed asking me for packing tips! I happen to LOVE packing, (hate unpacking) so I thought I’d tackle this one.

Emily wrote, “I am traveling to Newport Beach at the end of April from Utah. What should I pack for a weekend of shopping, eating and possibly a day on the beach? I’d also love if everything fit into a carry on.”

Thanks for asking Emily. I love a challenge and would definitely recommend using a carry on if it’s just the weekend, you save yourself money and time. Here’s what I would do…



what to pack: southern california

carry on

maxi dress // white skinny jeans // aqua tank // striped top // flat sandals // necklace // bikini top // bikini bottoms // wedge sandals // denim jacket // clutch // tote // orange sundress // tunic 

Although you’re expecting it to be perfectly warm weather, keep in mind you’re right by the ocean so it definitely gets chilly when the sun goes down. Also, the weather can be a little erratic so make sure to check the forecast before you pack. However, most of the time temps hover around 75 and sunny during the day. A great tip my mom taught me is to pack in a color scheme. Although I don’t follow that to a T, I like to have cohesive interchangeable pieces that can be mixed and matched. It’s like having a small portion of your closet to put outfits together with. I would also suggest using the tote as a purse on the flight to save some room in the suitcase. Have fun!

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