A few months ago I shared a similar post about what I keep in my diaper bag. At the time I had an eight week old and was just getting the hang of taking her out and about.

Flash forward three and a half months, now I have a nearly six month old and my diaper bag necessities are a bit different.

First things first, diapers. Up until just last month Crosby only fit into newborn size diapers, but finally she’s big enough for size one which meant we were able to start using Bambo Nature. We were introduced to this eco-friendly line back when I was pregnant and I couldn’t wait to use them. I just didn’t know how long it would take! I’d heard mixed reviews about other eco-friendly diaper lines – that they leaked or didn’t live up to their name. But I have nothing but amazing things to say about Bambo Nature. We’re using their wipes and skincare line too and everything is equally amazing.

I’m still loving this changing pad. It has sides that fold up to create an adjustable barrier wall. Perfect for a wiggly busy baby like mine. Most diaper bags come with a portable changing pad as well. Actually one of the first times I took Crosby out on my own I left one on the changing table at Nordstrom. #newmomfail

My other essentials are a bib, at least one burp cloth, light weight swaddle blanket, pacifier and paci case, at least one clean onesie, hat and sunglasses – in the summer.

Am I missing anything?! Would love to know what you keep in your diaper bag. XO