I’m almost 37 weeks pregnant and really starting to feel it. HA! Actually I feel pretty good but swear I doubled in size the last few weeks and don’t know how I’m going to get any bigger. I mentioned in my last bump-date post that I have Gestational Diabetes as well as something called Marginal Cord Insertion, you can read that here.

We’ve done so much in the past few weeks! The nursery is *almost* finished and it’s just what we envisioned… can’t wait to share pictures. Aside from that I feel like my doctor’s office has become my home away from home. I go in twice a week for monitoring and see my doctor once a week. The hardest part has been seeing the number on the scale go up, getting weighed twice a week is not fun. I’ve gained about 22 pounds so far.

I’m still playing catch up on books I’ve been wanting to read. I’m loving Bringing Up Bebe so far and started Baby Wise and hope to follow their sleep guide. Has anyone done it? I’d love some advice.

Over the last month or so we’ve gotten some of my favorite baby things… our mobile that adds so much to the nursery, our stroller and car seat that I can’t wait to use and I’ve received two amazing diaper bags – here and here. Definitely feeling spoiled.

So what’s left? This week we’re taking an infant CPR class, installing our car seat and packing hospital bags. I already packed for baby and started mine. There are so many great packing lists I’ve found on Pinterest.


sunglasses, dress c/o, necklace c/o, bag c/o, wedges

– shop the look –

Thanks for reading – hope you have a great day!