Recently a lot of you have been asking me what my favorite items are for baby or pregnancy.  There are so many amazing things I’ve come to rely on that it would be impossible for me to choose a favorite… but I’m sure some of them are very far from what you’d think. 

In the last weeks (if I’m honest, months) of my pregnancy, even some of the simplest tasks and chores around the house became noticeably more difficult. Of course some of those are even harder now that Crosby’s here!  So I wanted to highlight a few items that have specifically made our lives easier in the recent months and that Jeff and I have come to appreciate SO much. 

I’ll try to give more detail on these in future posts but here are just a few…

The Roomba by iRobot

At a certain point in my pregnancy, sweeping and vacuuming pretty much went out the window. “Roomby”, as we call him, became our savior. This has only become more true since baby arrived. 

Formula Pro by Baby Brezza

Since Crosby was so small, we had to start supplementing with formula pretty much immediately. Mixing formula by hand was a serious hassle (especially at the 1, 3, and 5am feedings) but the powder is so much more cost effective than pre-mixed. This machine changed everything for us. 

Moccamaster by Technivorm

Jeff is a coffee snob. Sadly, he’s made me one too. He’s been making us french press or pour-over coffee most mornings for years because he swears he can taste the difference when coffee is brewed at the right temp and time. Well, time to hand-make coffee is something we don’t have anymore. Luckily, Jeff discovered this coffeemaker which might be the only one on the market that he says does it right. 

Again, I’ll make sure to share more about these things soon but wanted to give you the short list now in hopes that it can simplify life for some more moms or preggers out there!