I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by – it’s already May! Spring and summer are always my favorite times of the year so I’m excited for the next few months. But let’s backtrack to last month (and the end of March) I’ve tried a lot of new products, etc and wanted to share a rundown of some of my current favorites. Some aren’t a surprise or new (Levis) but most are new to me!


Free People jacket – I got this towards the end of March and have worn it at least twice a week since. It goes with everything!

PilyQ swim suits – I was introduced to PilyQ a few months ago but really started wearing them this past month. I have this one piece and this one that are both super flattering and this bikini I haven’t worn yet. Crosby even has this suit from them!

Levis – Ok so you’ve definitely seen me wear my 501’s the past couple of months, however, the size I originially bought ended up being too big unless they were straight out of the dryer. Bloomingdales had an amazing Levi’s sale last week so I was able to get them in a size down for $30 off.

Wayf top – Wayf has been one of my favorite brands for quite some time. I’m really loving this top for sping/summer as a fun crop to wear with high-waisted shorts or jeans.


Mima Zigi stroller – We got this stroller a few months back and took it for a couple test drives but really started using it in April. It’s nice for running errands or quick neighborhood walks. It doesn’t have a lot of storage but it’s super light and folds up really compactly.

Freshly Picked – Again, not a new purchase but Crosby got so many fun new printed pairs this past month. They also started a loyality program called The Fringe where you get all kinds of fun perks. If you’re interested in joining use the discount code ashn5 🙂

Overalls – I found these at H&M and knew they were a must. I’ve always loved that H&M has a smaller size range, they do it by two month incriments instead of three or more. These are so cute on Crosby, she wears them all the time!


Coola BB Cream with SPF 30 – I actually got this last summer and stored it away. I applied it a few weeks ago and loved how light the coverage was. I used it again on a beach day and then every day that week. It’s super light but provided just enough coverage for every day.

Urban Decay lipstick: I’d never had much luck with mat lipsticks until this one came into my life. The color is a mauvy neutral and the pigment is amazing. I can apply it in the morning and still have color by the end of lunch. Not to mention it doesn’t dry your lips out like most mat lipsticks.

NKD SKN sunless tanner – You may have seen my post about sunless tanner last week… but that was before I tried NKD. I’d actually been researching natrual sunless tanners and found NKD and made a mental note to try it. Then I got a fun press package with two NKD SKN tanners in it to try! Fate I tell you.

EOS shave cream – My legs are super sensitive when I shave them. I always end up with razor burn and have to apply a lotion right away so they don’t burn. This shaving cream saves me of that. It somehow soothes my skin while I’m shaving and doesn’t leave it irritated.

Kerastase oil – I don’t need to say much about Kerastaste because everyone loves it! But this oil is really amazing. It hydrates my hair and smells sooo good. I honestly think because of this oil I can stretch out the time between washes even more… and I only wash my hair twice a week.


Lounge Chairs: Having chaise lounge chairs in our backyard has been a longtime dream of mine. I asked for them for my Birthday two years ago but the one’s I wanted were like $700 a piece and out of our budget. I found this set on Wayfair and snapped them up last week on “Way Day.” They’re back to their normal price, but it’s still a lot better than $1400!

Wine glasses– Jeff made fun of me for these but I’d been oogling these Crate & Barrel wine glasses for years and last week while Crosby and I were at the mall I decided to buy two. Wine glasses are pretty much the last thing we need… we have cupboards full of them. But I love these and they make even drinking wine more fun… if that’s possible.