I was in my bathroom getting ready the other day and realized I’ve been using a few new-ish products that I wanted to share. I try a lot of products, so when I end up loving something I can’t wait to tell you about it. I’ve been using most of these all summer and they’re now staples in my beauty closet. Let’s dive in.

Elemis Peptide Thousand Flower Mask – This mask won’t be available until September 1st, but it’s worth the wait. It’s the first face mask I’ve used that isn’t drying. It’s so soft going on that you wouldn’t believe it’s exfoliating. I’ve used it a few times so far and can tell a difference in my skin after. It’s meant to be used once a week.

To-Go Spa Eye Pads – Love these things. I have a whole “beauty” section in my fridge. Is that normal?! I keep a bunch of these chilling in there and after a late night/lack of sleep I pop them on. I’ve found the fridge helps speed up the soothing. I usually leave them on for at least 20 minutes… or as long as Crosby will allow me.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller – Another item that lives in my fridge. I’d been wanting to try a facial roller for some time and finally buckled down and got one. To be honest, I also bought a Jade roller and am still interested in the Nurse Jamie. Anyway, my face is on the rounder side and shows puffiness easily. I’m trying to combat it with a roller and it seems to be working for me.

True Botanicals Nutrient Mist Spray – I got to test out this mist before I did a sponsored post with them. It’s the perfect summer mist. The last of my products I keep in the fridge. I love it as a spritz in the morning to wake my skin up… or to cool it down after a day in the sun.

Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift – A recent addition I got in a gift bag. I’ve actually been spraying this on my decolletage (where I should have been more generous with sunscreen in my teenage years). I’ve only used it a couple of times but I swear my fine lines have gotten smaller.

NKD SKN Sunless Tanner – I’ve been using this all spring and summer long. For me it’s the perfect sunless tanner. I apply it once or twice a week after a shower and immediately wash my hands. It really doesn’t smell and gives you the best glow.

Eos Shave Cream – I have really sensitive skin on my legs and was getting little bumps until I started using this shave cream. It’s soothing and moisturizes so my legs don’t burn when I get out of the shower. It’s sold pretty much everywhere which makes it nice when I’m at Target and realize I’m running low.