Growing up I always had stick straight thick hair that was really heavy and wouldn’t hold curl. I longed for natural curls or waves and had a few perms in elementary school. A few years ago I  finally mastered curls and beachy waves by wrapping my hair around the curling iron barrel. Flash forward two years and  I noticed how damaged my hair felt. I tried to cut back but my hair felt so flat and blah so I realized I needed help.


Here’s my hair haul. I’ve used it’s a 10 and bain de terre for years but I recently started the Kerastase products and can already tell what a big difference they’ve made on my hair health. My hair feels smooth and much more nourished now.

After showering I use it’s a 10 (I’ve used the regular one as well as this one with Keratin, they’re both great but this one nourishes more) as a detangler and leave-in then throw my hair up in a towel for 5-10 minutes to soak in the moisturize. After I let it out I apply a small drop bain de terre serum in it. Later I’ll apply, again just a small drop, of keratase resistance topseal cream in it and follow with a blow dryer. After styling my hair I finish with keratase soleil aqua-seal.

it’s a 10 plus keratin

bain de terre serum

keratase resistance

keratase soleil

 *These opinions are my own. I was not paid to promote any of these products