11 months!! And as you can see these were probably the hardest month of photos to take, Crosby did not want to lay still and was all over the place. Over the past several months they’ve gradually gotten more difficult, but these take the cake. Next month will be even more of a challenge, I’m sure.

Speaking of next month… how is she going to be one? I am in shock. As much as I miss the sweet newborn cuddles, I love the personality she’s developing. She’s so full of energy and really never stops moving throughout the day. The pack ‘n play is my saving grace. It’s so nice to have a safe place for her to play on her own… especially if I need to get something done.

These days I think she prefers real food to baby food. Her favorites are hummus, veggie sticks, string cheese, yogurt, french fries, sourdough bread, guacamole and these pouches by Plum Organics.

As far as her favorites go, they haven’t changed too much since last month. But recently I was asked for three things we can’t live without at this stage…

  1. WubbaNub – I really want to work on weaning her from this but it’s so hard. I give one to her to nap during the day but not when she’s going to sleep at night. I have another one I keep in my diaper bag (used to keep it in the car seat) and give it to her if she needs it while we’re out and one in her pack n play… that will probably be the first one to go. At what age should you wean a baby from a pacifier?
  2. Travel Crib – I mentioned this above but without it I wouldn’t get anything done while she’s awake. A few weeks ago I set her up in her room with some toys and went to quickly blow my nose. I came back and she was already in our living room on her way outside.
  3. White noise machine – Crosby is a great sleeper but definitely not the deepest sleeper. If she falls asleep in her car seat before we get home she’ll wake up as soon as we lift the car seat out of the car. And without fail as soon as I put her down for a nap a delivery guy will show up and Mackie will go crazy barking. This has been so helpful in her getting good sleep in her crib.

Thanks for stopping by – hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!