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Crosby is 18 months old today. A year and a half! I was actually just talking with a friend about when you stop saying your baby is X months old and I think it should be around now. For the next few months I’ll try to say she’s 1.5 and then as her Birthday gets closer I can say she’s almost two. Anyway, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about her schedule and what not on social media so I thought I’d put it in a post.

Every day for us is a little different but here’s what a “typical” day looks like:

7:30-8 am – wake up and eat breakfast

Breakfast is usually fruit and cereal or yogurt

8:30-9:30 ish – I put on music and she plays in the living room

9:30 – I get us both ready for the day

10 – we head out on a morning errand or walk. (Once a week the schedule is shifted slightly for her morning gym class.)

11:30 – lunch

Something like mac and cheese, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, etc.

12 – bottle and nap

She still takes 2 bottles a day with toddler formula. This was recommended by our pediatrician because she’s so petite.

2:30ish – snack and read a few books, then independent play time or we head out again

5:30 – dinner

Dinners vary… sometimes she eats what we eat, other times she has leftovers, etc. She’s not the best eater and we’re working on not throwing food. Ugh.

6:30 – playtime, read books

7 – bath

7:30 bottle, brush teeth, bed.

A few weeks ago she was going through a sleep regression/teething/growth spurt was sleeping terribly. She was even trying to climb out of her crib. For now she seems to be back on track and I hope I’m not jinxing it by saying that.

Some products we’re loving:

We are still using Bambo Nature diapers. They’re honestly the best. Rarely leak, comfortable and we love that they’re eco-friendly.

Over the last month we switched to a convertible car seat and went with the Nuna Rava. I was a little worried about how Crosby would take to the transition, but there’s been no problems. Super safe and comfortable seat.

Freshly Picked Moccasins are still my favorite shoes for her. We love the mini-sole collection for when she’s running around at the park or in the back yard. They stay on so well and seem really comfortable.

I talked about our strollers here and favorite toys here.

Hope you have a great weekend – thanks for reading!