On Sunday Crosby turned four and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. Four suddenly feels old… so much older than three. She’s no longer considered a toddler, now a preschooler. Her Birthday also marks one year since Covid completely changed our world. One year of restrictions and adapting to a new normal. The second year in a row without friends at her Birthday party after we cancelled her party last year one day before when the world was shutting down. Kids are so resilient… she’s been amazing through it all and will only come out stronger. We were able to have a little celebration with family and I want to share the details from that.

Crosby’s dress, my sweater, jeans

balloon garland kit, daisy balloons, flower streamers, 4 balloon, similar table runner, placemats

daisy decorations for the cake




And because I love planning her Birthdays here are the posts of her past parties:

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