One of the questions I’ve been asked the most lately is where I find Wilder’s clothes. The answer is literally everywhere! I did this post a few months ago about my favorite places to buy clothes for baby boys, but thought I should update it with more favs.

Here’s just one of the DM’s I’ve gotten about this… so I know it’s an on-going problem!

Let’s be real, when you go into a baby clothes section at least 70% is devoted to baby girls. The boy stuff always seems like it was an after thought and is a lot harder to find cute pieces. Luckily I love a challenge so this has become a fun game for me.

Places I always look for basics:

Target – Cat & Jack brand is my favorite. They usually cute onesies and pants/shorts.

Old Navy – You kind of have to weed through all the stuff that’s cheesy/cutesie but I’ve found some cute things. Like the kiwi romper pictured above.

H&M – Online is much better than in store… however orders take forever to get to you. 100% worth the wait.

Cotton On Kids – The opposite of H&M. I usually have better luck in store, but if you don’t live near one online is fine.

Unique finds: 

Rags to Raches – I was first introduced to them at an event when Crosby was a baby. They gifted me a couple gender neutral rompers that Wilder is also wearing. Really cute stuff.

Monica & Andy – Really cute prints and everything is so soft.

Coco Moon Hawaii – Tropical/Hawaii inspired prints

Soverign Code – Obsessed with everything they do. Found at Bloomingdales.

Kate Quinn – Cute prints and even have some matching for brothers and sisters. Love that.

Tea Collection – Great quality and cute prints.

Tucker & Tate – Can be hit or miss but I’m loving their rompers right now.

Please share your favorite places to find baby boy clothes – we’re all in this together!