Let’s talk hair care.

favorite hair products

When it comes to my hair, I’m pretty routine. I’ve had the same style for years and like to keep it pretty low maintenance. But in order to keep my strands healthy I rely on a few old faithful go-to’s.

Without question my favorite line is It’s a 10, but their Miracle Leave-In is my favorite. I have a lot of fine hair that gets super tangled when it’s wet and it’s really the only thing that helps me comb through it. It’s a huge life and time saver for me. HUGE.I’ve been using the keratin one but it also comes in lite for thinner hair, blonde that I sometimes use and regular. I love them all.

Several months ago I also started using their Potion 10 shampoo and conditioner which also kept my hair from getting as tangled while I wash it. I cannot say enough good things about their product line.

Here are my other favorites for managing my hair…

Coconut Oil – I mean who doesn’t love this stuff. I use it for pretty much everything, but probably my favorite use is a deep conditioner for my hair. I either sleep with it in or put it in my hair and twist it into a bun for a few hours before I wash it.

Fat Hair Amplifying Blow Dry Spray – Pretty self explanatory, I use this to prep my hair before I heat style it.

Keratase Aqua Seal – After I curl my hair I twist a dime sized amount into my strands to lock in moisture and keep them healthy.

Bonacure Cell Perfector – Similar to the Keratase, I apply a dime sized amount after I air dry my hair to lock in moisture when I’m not heat styling.

Tangle Teezer Brush – My favorite brush for my tangled mane. This thing really works without breaking off my hair.

A few notes… I try to let my hair air dry as much as possible, especially if I’m going to curl it. When I curl I use this curling iron (without the clamp).

Thanks for reading my hair novel! Let me know if you have any questions!