This post is so overdue! I’ve been a longtime user and fan of Tula products. I first tried the brand about five years ago and loved it from the get go. Since then they’ve added so many new products that I’ve tried and wanted to put together a blog post with all of my favorites.

But before I get into it I want to share my discount code ASHLEY20 gets you 20% off all Tula products!

Ok let’s break it down…

I’ll start with the basics. This cleanser is their first product I tired and I’ve gone back to it so many times in the last five years. It’s gentle but effective in getting everything off my face after a long day. I even used it while pregnant.

A newer product I love is this primer. It’s called the face filter and definitely lives up to that name. I wear it under my makeup and it’s very subtle but almost has that “Paris” instagram story filter vibe where it slighly blurs lines and imperfections leaving your skin looking better than before.

This oil-free gel cream is a staple in my beauty cupboard. I use it at night after cleansing and before I apply moisturizer and oils. I especially love it in the fall and winter when my skin is on the dry side.

Their newest product I’ve tried and tested is this acne spot treatment. I got it in the mall a few weeks ago and tucked it away until early this week when I blemish popped up on my forehead. I applied this spot treatment twice a day for two days and the pimple left without a trace. The best part is this spot treatment is colorless so you can wear it during the day… and it doesn’t dry out your skin.

Another staple in my beauty routine is this illuminating face serum. I use this on dry skin in the morning under the primer for a little extra boost. It has a really subtle illuminating effect that looks beautiful under makeup… without looking overdone at all.

Last winter when my skin was pretty dry I tried this kefir recovery mask. (Sadly this is no longer available but I’ll link to this kefir serum) Obsessed! I use this at night when I know my skin needs extra moisture. My favorite way to use it is to apply it to my face like you would a face mask and let it sink in for at least an hour. Then you take a damp washcloth and blot the rest into your skin. My skin drinks it up!

Finally another product I tried and got hooked on recently is this rose glow cooling eye balm. I normally use this in the mornings under all my makeup… but it can also be applied over makeup or used as a refresher throughout the day. It’s instantly cooling and brightens your eye are up instantly.