The holidays are always a fun time but having a baby this year makes them even more special. Even though Crosby has no idea what’s going on, I like to think seeing things for the first time (like our Christmas tree and decorations) is stimulating for her. Plus she’s in the phase where she’s pulling herself up on everything… so the bottom of our tree is without ornaments.

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what to get babies for gifts.Truthfully she’d probably be happiest with a big empty cardboard box 😉 She’s almost 9 months old and doesn’t really “need” anything and I know a lot of other mamas can relate. I think at this age anything somewhat educational is the way to go. So I wanted to share a little gift guide for all the babies in your life.

Stocking stuffers:

I’m still waiting for Crosby’s monogramed stocking to arrive from the North Pole… aka West Elm. I’m getting things together to stuff it…

  • Teethers are something you can never have enough of. I know I’m always misplacing them.
  • Same goes for pacifiers, if your baby takes one. Crosby loves her Wubbanub.
  • Since she’s pulling herself up to stand now shoes actually have a purpose – Freshly Picked are my favorite for babies because they’re comfortable and actually stay on.
  • Hats and bows are always great little gifts, especially in the winter!


Since babies are too young to realize what’s happening, you really have free rein here. But like I mentioned above, educational gifts are always welcomed.

  • Crosby has this and LOVES it. She mostly just chews on it but it keeps her busy by herself.
  • These books are great for babies. They’re soft and babies love playing with the tags.
  • A pushcart is a great idea for a baby who might start crawling or walking soon.
  • These little cars are classic and a great gift for babies.
  • Wagons are such a classic toy and can be really handy on neighborhood walks. Love how this one has rails making it safer for younger kids.
  • As far as clothing goes, pajamas seem to be a safe thing to buy ahead. They always need them!

on me: top c/o, jeans

on Crosby: bow c/o, old outfit (similar), shoes

on Jeff: shirt, pants, watch

Hope you have a great day!

photos by Ulrika Molin