Managing my hair has been a learning process over several years. I have a lot of fine stick-straight hair that gets extremely tangled when it’s wet. It’s a true test of patience and I always feel bad for my hairstylist after a shampoo.  This brush has been my savor since my bestie Shelby introduced me to it. Once it dries it’s more manageable but can still be a little tangled and fall flat if I just let it go.

I feel like I enlist a small army to get it just the way I like. Let’s start from the top…

hair care

  • I was recently introduced to this shampoo after receiving it in a gift bag and it’s a miracle worker. It’s more than I normally spend for shampoo but  I plan on buying the full size bottle.
  • A good conditioner is key for someone who has such tangled hair, this one has been on heavy rotation for years and I love how nourished and silky it makes my hair feel.
  • Once I’m out of the shower a detangler is essential in order to even get the wet brush through my locks. Once again It’s a 10 products come to my rescue. I’m currently using the blonde miracle leave-in, but I’ve tried them all. I love this one that has Keratin for extra hair health.
  • Because my hair is straight, I like to let it air dry if I have the time. I try to do as little heat styling as possible in order to keep it healthy.
  • Once it’s dry I like to add waves, but first I use this to prep and protect.  This curling iron is everything. I don’t know what I did before I had it. I wrap my hair around the rod without using the clamp and don’t section it off for a more tousled beachy waves look. I finish with this and sometimes I spray in a little hair spray.
  • I try to only wash my hair a few times a week so in between I am dependent on dry shampoo. This one is my favorite at the moment.
  • Once I week I like to deep condition my hair… before I was it I apply this to the ends. I leave it on for a few hours and then shower and wash my hair normally.

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