tips for waking up early

I wake up for work at 5 am, which is just as early as it sounds. It’s definitely not fun to wake up in the dark, but over the years I’ve morphed into a morning person. I’m most productive in the morning… especially after a full night sleep! Over the years I’ve picked up some tricks that make it a bit easier.

1. Never hit the snooze button – I know this is hard if you rely on it, but trust me, don’t do it! Snoozing is one of the worst habits and it’s actually terrible for you body. Instead of hitting the snooze button 7 times set your alarm for when you actually have to wake up.

2. Pick out your clothes the night before – This helps me SO much. I used to spend a lot of time half-asleep in my closet trying to pick an outfit. Now I set it out the night before. Sometimes I’ll wake up and change a couple things but it’s nice to have it there already.

3. Drink a glass of water before coffee or tea – When you wake up in the morning you can be a little dehydrated from going so long without water. Coffee and tea will only worsen that problem! I’ve found that having a full glass of water not only hydrates me but also helps me feel more awake before I’ve even had my morning coffee.

4. Don’t sleep in on weekends – Your body gets used to a schedule. When you’re waking up early for work five days a week and then sleeping the day away on weekends, it gets confused. And it makes it that much harder to get back on schedule Monday morning. You don’t have to wake up quite as early as you do during the week but try getting up an hour or so after. After awhile your natural alarm clock will adjust and you might even want to wake up early on the weekends.

5. Try to go to bed at the same time every night – Similar to waking up early and getting your body on a schedule. If you go to bed around the same time each night your body clock will sync and help you wake up at the same time.

If you’re struggling to wake up in the morning I hope these tips are helpful to you!

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Hope you have a great day – thanks for reading!