Crosby is at an age where she’s starting to hate sitting in anything that she needs to be strapped in. Car seat, stroller, high chair etc. I’m hoping this is a short phase because it’s making life a lot harder! We decided it was time to get her own little table, but had trouble finding one that we liked and thought would fit in with our decor. Jeff had the idea to get this $30 IKEA LATT table and DIY it into our own creation. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out… but the best news is Crosby is a huge fan too!

I posted the finished product on my IG stories and had an overwhelming response to it. Seriously more questions than anything I’ve been asked before… I knew we needed to do a tutorial. This is not revolutionary by any means as there’s already a bunch of tutorials online, it’s just what we did.

To start, here’s what the table looked like when we bought it:

Materials you’ll need:


Paint and/or stain

Painters tape

Fabric for the seat cushions

Foam for the seat cushions

Spray adhesive

Staple gun

First up, Jeff primed the whole table to get it ready for paint. Next he applied two coats of white no VOC paint. Make sure you paint the upper edges of the four table pieces that face inward – those will show once you slide in the table top. We let it dry for about a day in our garage and then it was time for the stain. We wanted it to fit in with our dining room table so we picked out a stain that matched for the tips of the legs on the chairs and table. Jeff taped off where we wanted them and did two coats of stain. Again letting it dry over night.

While the paint was drying we made the seat cushions. We cut squares of foam so they’d fit inside each of the cutouts of the seats and be comfortable to sit on. Cut the fabric to size so that there’s a few inches of overhang on each side, pull tight and staple in place. You want to put the foam side down on the inside of the fabric. If you have any sort of pattern with lines just make sure the pattern is lined up right. Last you use the spray adhesive to attach the foam cushions into the seat of the chairs.

table and chairs, fake cactus, Crosby’s pj’s, sippy cup, plate

I hope this helps if you’re trying to do something similar. If you do your own version make sure to tag me so I can see it! XO