Yikes stripes! Crosby and I wore these summery outfits to happy hour last week. Her jumper stole the show but I was just as excited to bring out these Madewell stripe cropped pants.

Have you ever been to happy hour with a one-year-old? It’s quite the party, let me tell you. The first thirty minutes were great. She sat in her high chair, ate snacks, drank water and behaved like a lady. But at minute thirty a ticking time bomb started and all she wanted to do was run around the bar. Maybe she just wanted to show off her sushi mocs to the sushi chefs? Who knows?! It’s a good thing she’s cute because we had about thirty minutes (give or take) to finish our food and drinks and leave before all hell broke loose.

Just kidding, but not really. Next time I’m bringing more snacks and toys for her. Or maybe a grandma.

Anyway, we both wore our favorite summer stripes (this is the jumper I mentioned in yesterday’s Amazon post). She really stole the show here.. while she was running wild she got lots of compliments on the romper. It’s less than $13 and no one could believe what a steal it was.

My pants are high-waisted and so flattering. Jeff refered to them as 80’s kulot pants, but seriously what does he know?! Kulots are back, right??

They’re really versatile and can be taken from the beach to happy hour seamlessly. I tested them out at the beach prior to this and loved the way they looked over a white bikini. Easy pieces like these are my go-to all year round, but in the summer I’m even more interested in them.

on me: hat c/o, similar top, bag c/o, pants c/o, sandals c/o

on Crosby: bow c/o, jumper, shoes c/o

Let me know if you have any tips for keeping a one-year-old busy so you can enjoy your drink… or meal. I need all the help I can get in that department!