Before I had Crosby I didn’t exactly have a real idea of how much baby gear we’d get/need. I did a big baby registry post about all the things we planned to use and obviously I was aware of the general necessities, but aside from that it was a mystery. Well let me tell you it’s a year plus in and we have a lot of stuff.

One of my favorite parts of my job is testing out products and sharing what I love. So now that there’s another little person in the mix, I get to do it with baby gear too and that’s double the fun.

Most recently we’ve been using this Zigi stroller from Mima. It’s perfect for errands and walks when I don’t want to bring a bigger stroller and is still really comfortable for Crosby to lounge in. She’s even fallen asleep in it – and that says a lot because she’s not really a sleep-on-the-go-toddler.  I love how compact and light it is, it’s super easy to get out of the car and tote around. It’s even small enough to fit into most planes over head compartments, if you’re looking for a stroller to travel with.

my jumpsuit c/o, denim jacketsunglasses, sandals c/o, diaper bag c/o

Crosby’s jumpsuit c/o, bow c/o, shoes c/o (one sale right now!)

stroller c/o