A lot of times photos in my posts are a little more styled, or planned out. Though they do happen organically, and I really do wear the clothes I post, this is an outfit that is totally in my natural state. I mean look at the first photo, my hair is a little messy from the wind and there’s totally an electrical box eyesore in the background. I’ve also been getting questions about how I edit my pictures, I use iPhoto on my macbook and really only adjust the exposure for lighting.

I loved how laid back this outfit was; the silk, seersucker and denim were the perfect combo. I threw on a few mis-matched pieces and tied them together with this little collarless jacket that is quickly becoming a wardrobe staple. Anything light and denim is a must in my book for not only the versatility but comfort.





 sabre sunglasses, j. crew necklace (love this one), ecote jacket (similar), vintage cami, forever 21 shorts (similar) and sandals, balenciaga bag