sunglasses, my hat c/o, similar coverup, swimsuit c/o, Crosby’s coverup, swimsuit c/o, Crosby’s hat

When I found out I was pregnant with Crosby my family and friends were convinced I was having a boy. And that would have been fine… but deep down I knew I  always wanted a girl. Now that she’s a toddler, dressing her is so much fun, especially when we can match. We were sent mommy and me matching swimsuits from 98 Coast Av right after she was born and I’ve been dying to wear them ever since. Sixteen months later, her’s finally fits and we couldn’t pass up a chance to rock them.

Sunday, after her afternoon nap, I got the brilliant idea to head to the beach. For some reason I assumed 4 pm on a Sunday in the middle of the summer wouldn’t be as crowded as Disneyland in December. One hour later after failing to find parking and getting stuck in a monster traffic jam coming off the peninsula I was ready to just head home and forget about it. Jeff decided to head up the coast a bit to make our beach dreams happen. Or at least satisfy his crazy wife.

We didn’t stay long… something about the wind and a runaway toddler don’t really mix well. But we still had fun and got a couple of cute shots. I’m savoring the days of being able to dress her however I want. I know someday she will have all kinds of opinions, but for now we’re happy to match.

Since our suits are over a year old and no longer available, I wanted to share some other cute options.

  • I love the palm print on these, they also come in a pink option.
  • These mommy and me matching monokinis are SO CUTE.
  • These are really chic and also come in black.
  • Ok I’m dying over these matching suits for mom, girls and boys too!
  • We can’t leave dad out, here’s an adorable father son matching set.

sunglassesmy hat c/o, similar coverup, swimsuit c/o, Crosby’s coverup, swimsuit c/o, Crosby’s hat