Back in the day (high school) my goal was to be as tan and blonde as possible. The contrast between the color of my hair and skin in the summer was laughable… and not natural at all. My friends and I would slather ourselves in tanning oil before going to the beach. There we’d bake in the sun all day, rinse and repeat. It makes me cringe thinking about the amount of damage I inflicted on my poor skin! Ahh if I could turn back time…

I still enjoy a beach day, but now with proper prep and protection. Prep being a good sunless “base” tan and protection being an umbrella and plenty of SPF.

I wanted to share my favorites with you as we enter bikini season…

umbrella, sunglasses, swimsuit c/o, Crosby’s hat and swimsuit

Sunless tanners:

Coola is a hands down favorite brand for me (you’ll see quite a pattern here), I’ve been using this one on my face and have loved the results. It’s a serum so it’s really light weight, clear and smells great. You can also mix it with your moisturizer for a lighter more gradual tan if you’re worried about looking too dark.

Another Coola product I love is this sunless tanner firming lotion. It’s 70% organic which is nice for peace of mind. Plus it smells great and looks natural!

I’ve been a long time fan of St. Tropez sunless tanning products and have used their classic bronzing moose for years! I love how golden the color is – it’s so natural looking and the one I’d compare to a professional airbrush tan. I apply it with a mit a couple of times a week, just depending on how golden I want to be.

This Sally Hansen airbrush legs is my go-to when I need a quick tan ASAP. I’m talking an hour before an event and I realized I forgot to tan my legs. Spray this on, blend with mitt and you’re left with perfectly tanned and slightly airbrushed legs. I like the medium glow shade best. *Hack: The first time I used this I couldn’t find a mitt but I had a few breast pads leftover from breastfeeding. Worked like a charm!

Sun Protection:

Let’s start with baby. This is my favorite sunscreen for Crosby. It’s organic, mineral-based and 100% natural. It doesn’t really have a scent and it has a white layer of film that provides and extra shield on baby’s skin and makes it easy to see if you missed a spot.

Again Coola is a fan favorite around here. This spray smells so good I’d wear it as a perfume daily! I’m serious. I also just tried these sun silk drops – they’re great to put on under makeup or directly on your skin for day-to-day use. This BB cream is a spring/summer staple in my makeup bag and it’s light enough to wear as a face protectant to the beach while still having a bit of coverage. Other Coola favorites are this stick and this lotion. All beach bag staples!