I can’t believe how fast my weeks are flying by. It’s a little bittersweet because I always welcome the weekend, yet each week that passes my baby grows! It’s a reminder that she won’t stay this little forever (and I don’t want her to) but I’m trying to savor the moments and days with her while she’s tiny. When I woke up today I couldn’t believe that 1. it’s Thursday and 2. The Nordstrom half-yearly sale started and I didn’t have a post ready!!!

I spent the better part of the early morning going through the sale and selecting my favorites. I was actually just at Nordstrom two days ago and saw a lot of these items first hand. I’m glad I held off and can shop the sale now. I’ve got my eyes on some things for me and little CBJ.

My favs…

I had a few recent requests for cute baby boy clothing so I’m sprinkling in my favorites for them too.

For baby…

Happy Thursday and happy shopping!