You wouldn’t know it from our smiles in these pictures, but we’re going through a sleep regression over here.

Since she was about two months old Crosby has been sleeping through the night. We really got lucky with her, and we were also good about following the Baby Wise schedule in the beginning. She’s always been a good napper too and still takes two daily naps. I’m so thankful for these naps, it’s when I get the bulk of my work done now that she’s an active toddler.

However, over the past few weeks she’s been consistently waking once in the middle of the night. I know some of it is teething… tooth number 3 is coming in and I’m pretty sure number 4 is right behind. Each time she wakes up we feed her and that usually seems to help her go back to sleep.

The thing about babies is once you completely adjust to a schedule, they find a way to change it.

So, in the meantime, I’ll enjoy moments like these… especially while she still lets me dress her/match with me. 🙂

on me: top c/o, shorts, shoes

on Crosby: hair clip, dress c/o, shoes