The past couple of years my hair has taken a bit of a beating. After over a year and a half I’m still recovering from postpartum hair loss, or more so the awkward phase of hair re-grown. Late last year I also had a really bad hair coloring experience. My stylist and I were not on the same page and I ended up coming out of the appointment as a platinum blonde. Definitely not what I was going for, and I’m still trying to get my hair back to normal. Between those two major things I knew it was time to pamper my hair and decided to take part in the Pantene 14 Day Challenge.

The first part of the challenge was picking a Pantene shampoo and conditioner to use. Pantene has a collection for all hair types so there’s really something for everyone. I went with the Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner since my hair was color treated, damaged and breakage prone.

I really wanted to make the most of this challenge and made sure I was educated going into it. Before I started I read up on Pantene and how they recommended I use their products.

One thing I learned was I wasn’t applying conditioner up high enough on my locks. I was always worried about getting greasy hair from over-conditioning so I really only applied it to my ends. During this challenge I went up to ear level and can really tell the difference. My hair feels a lot more nourished and was easier to comb out.

Another bad thing I didn’t realize I was doing was over-rising the conditioner out of my hair. I never wanted to leave any behind, so I’d spend a lot of time making sure I got it all out. By doing so I’d stripped away a lot of the conditioner benefits and left my hair dull.

I started to notice the benefits of the challenge right away. After my first use my hair felt so much more hydrated. It’s like I didn’t realize how dry my hair was until it wasn’t anymore… and that didn’t go away. Around one week in I started getting compliments on how shiny my hair was. I was also noticing that my hair felt stronger and my split ends were less visible.

I just finished the challenge and feel like a new woman! My hair feels really restored. That postpartum re-growth seems to blend in a lot better now. I really feel like I lengthened the time between hair cuts since my ends feel a lot cleaner and overall my hair feels nourished and vibrant.

I’m so happy I took this challenge to bring the life back to my hair. I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to do the same.

Thank you to Pantene for sponsoring this post.