Last week I had the privilege of visiting ShoeDazzle’s headquarters in Santa Monica for their press day to welcome Rachel Zoe as the new chief stylist. Before I show you how amazing ShoeDazzle’s office was (seriously I felt like I was inside a Barbie house), I’ll share a few shoe style tidbits Rachel left me with…

  • Ankle boots are here to stay. (thankyouverymuch) She said they’re the new “it”/versatile shoe that can go with everything from jeans to a gown.
  • Studs are one of her favorite details on shoes. Stud it up, ladies!
  • She loves seeing girls rock wedge sneakers. It’s all about taking risks and feeling great while doing it.

Now, here are the snaps from inside ShoeDazzle. Can I move in?



shoedazzle3 shoedazzle4

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