I’m currently in the middle (ok the beginning) of a shopping cleanse.  You know, where I try my hardest to abstain from spending money on clothes and things I don’t really need for a whole month.  I decided to start this about a week ago and set my end date for May 17, approximately one month after my last frivolous purchase.  I was doing fine for a whole 36 hours until I was ill-prepared for a weekend away and had to duck in to the nearest F21 to buy a pair of pants to relieve my frozen legs.  I told myself this wasn’t a meaningless buy, it was a NECESSITY and let it slide.  However, now I’m suffering like an addict going through with drawls and find myself drooling while browsing online when I get a few free moments.

Here’s what I’d buy if I quit the cleanse this second and went on an all out bender.

purse – kate spade

 pillow cover – west elm

wedges – juicy

heels – brian atwood

dress – forever 21

button down – jcrew

… until May 17th.