swimsuit c/o, coverup c/o, similar headband, sunglasses, pineapple cup

Question, is this extra?

I decided to go for a “more is more” look here. I came out wearing this Saturday while Jeff and Crosby were hanging out in the living room and he told me I was about as “extra” as it gets. I’m not sure about that… I can definitely get more extra, but I love this look.

I’ve had this palm leaf kimono burning a hole in my closet since early last summer. Maybe not really burning a hole, I have worn it a few times… but I never really got a chance to style it on here.

These sunglasses make me feel like Barbie and I love a head wrap. They’re the perfect way to disguise hair that hasn’t been washed in too many days while taming it on the beach. Also, this swimsuit is super chic and simple but can be worn a few different ways depending on how you tie the ruffle strap.

Ok I know this look may be a little too much for some, but I’m excited to wear this again over the summer!