sunglasses, necklace c/o, tank, belt bag (on sale!), jeans, old blazer (similar), shoes

Another weekend that went by way too fast. We didn’t have any plans this weekend so it was nice to relax and catch up with stuff at home. Still not feeling ready for Monday! I’m test driving the belt bag trend today and I have to tell you, I already love it. I went with this really affordable black quilted Urban Outfitters belt bag… and of course, after I purchased it, it went on major sale.

You might be cringing right now and I get it. I know this quite the throw back to the fanny pack trend of the early 90’s, but I’m loving how fun to wear they are. And above that they’re super practical.

Hear me out…

For the past year and a half if I left the house with Crosby I brought a diaper bag full of her stuff. When I needed my wallet, or chapstick, etc I had to dig through the bag. Now I know I can bring my own purse when we go out, but I’ve found that carrying anything else is a hassle. Enter the belt bag… which I’ve decided is PERFECT for mom’s with diaper bags.

Whenever I’m trying out a trendy piece I like to do it affordably so if I don’t like it, it’s no big deal. You can find lots of belt bags for under $50.

Here’s a few I’m loving right now… this one is really chic, comes in 3 colors and is on sale for $19. Another really cute one that also comes in 3 colors… I’m loving the red. This one is a little sportier but really fun with the studs.

sunglasses, necklace c/o, tank, belt bag (on sale!), jeans, old blazer (similar), shoes

Hope you have a great week – thanks for reading!