ashnfashn wedding

I can’t believe today is our first anniversary. It feels like we just got married yesterday and years ago at the same time. Our first year was so busy and fun!

ashnfashn wedding

We traveled a lot… Mexico, New York, Las Vegas, Palm Springs (multiple times), Arizona, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. We bought and remodeled our first house together. Might be the last too, because after it I swore I was never moving again. We worked hard building our businesses and celebrated every accomplishment along the way.

ashnfashn honeymoon

ashnfashn house

I think this coming year will be a little more mellow, though every time I think that we get our hands on a new project to tackle.


ashnfashn wedding

Thank you for following along on this fun journey. It means more to us than we could ever explain.

Cheers to the best year!