A little over a week ago we finally bit the bullet and moved Crosby to her new room. We did it mid-sleep regression and are keeping her in the crib (for as long as she’ll let us) and so far it’s been pretty smooth. I do hesitate to even say that because babies and toddler seem to have a sixth sense… and just when you think everything is going well they throw a wrench in it for you. Fingers crossed it remains smooth!

I wanted to share what we did in case anyone is going through something similar. 

Our plan has always been to move her out of her old nursery (pictured above) before baby arrives to give her a chance to get comfortable in her new room and not associate it with baby at all. Baby boy will not be sleeping in his nursery the first few months, but having it set up before he arrives is crucial for my sanity. Originally I set the end of January as our deadline for the room switch, but things happened and we didn’t make it. Finally, the last week of February we were able to move.

Our biggest hold up were the window coverings. Our old guest room (Crosby’s new room) has a large bay window that only had shades covering the center window. We knew in order for her to sleep during the day and in the mornings it needed to get as dark as possible, so we went ahead and ordered basic blackout shades. Those took a few weeks to come in but once they arrived we got them up as soon as possible.

Another thing we did in the interim that was kind of by accident was play in the new room. We had some of Crosby’s old toys in there set aside for baby and once she realized that she was really interested in going in there to play. We started bringing in some of her toys and books and spending some time in there here and there. I think that really helped her enjoy the room.

When it was finally moving day Jeff brought her crib in and we put her right down for a nap. She didn’t fuss for more than a few minutes and then went to sleep and hasn’t looked back.

I should mention that since this was at the end of a really bad period of sleep (two year sleep regression, two year molars and cold) so she really hadn’t been sleeping well for the week + leading up to the move. We had a few nights in the beginning where she’d wake up a bit, but it wasn’t new since we were dealing with it in her old room too.

I’m so proud of how well she’s taken to this change… again with toddlers, you just never know!

room details:

crib c/o

mattress c/o

similar mobile 


similar rocking horse

similar hamper

camel print


I linked as many as possible but most things were purchased 2+ years ago and have sold out.