Wilder turned two the weekend before last and I’m still in shock! With everything that has happened in the world over the last year it feels like an extra blur. He is non-stop and so much fun. He loves singing, dancing, doing whatever “Sissy” is doing and any kind of ball. Plays hard and loves hard and as much as I want to keep him a baby, he’s growing everyday and turning more into a toddler.

We did a family party at home for his birthday with our parents and I wanted to decorate with beach balls. Jeff and I DIY’ed the decorations a couple of hours before everyone came over and everything was so simple. The theme was “2 much fun” and that describes Wilder perfectly. I linked everything at the bottom of this post.

links to decorations:

balloon garland

yay balloons

beach ball balloons

diy banner letters

beach balls

inner tubes

rainbow 2 balloon

similar beach ball water bottles

beach ball paper plates

beach ball birthday banner

mini beach balls

outfit details:

my hat (available here, here and here), dress

Crosby’s dress

Wilder’s shirt and shorts

Jeff’s shirt and shorts