I realized the other day it was six months ago we went into lockdown and the world shut down. Half a year! While we’re not in an extreme lockdown situation anymore, life has definitely changed. Neither of my kids have been to a store or restaurant since the beginning of March and we are limiting our outings as well. That being said there are three things I’ve loved having while quarantining at home and will continue to use moving forward.

Beauty fridge – I asked for this for Christmas and Jeff rolled his eyes (but still got it for me!) It lives on my dresser and houses some of my beauty products and items that I swear work better when chilled. Sheet masks, face rollers, certain eye and face creams that feel so amazing when you take them out of the cold fridge. This is a pretty compact fridge and it’s not expensive but has made this time feel more luxe.

Aera diffuser – I’d been wanting a diffuser for awhile but never pulled the trigger. Aera approached me to work together at the beginning of the year (pre-lockdown) and I happily jumped! What perfect timing. This is a smart diffuser that’s hypoallergenic and safe for the whole family… pets too. You can adjust the settings depending on how strong you want the fragrance to be. It is a splurge but I think it’s well worth it, the scents last a loooong time. I think it would make a great gift if you’re thinking ahead to the holidays! They gave me a discount code for 20% off – ASHLEY20

Vanity Planet facial steamer – I can’t even tell you how much I love this little gadget. I use it nightly after I was my face and before I apply moisturizer and serums. It totally makes me feel like I’m at a spa. It’s pretty compact and easy to use, it has a small tank in the back that you fill with distilled water, plug in and steam. You can also add essential oils to the tank for an even more spa-like experience. This would be an amazing holiday gift & I have a discount code for 50% off making it just over $50! ASHNFASHN50