Packing for a trip, even a short one, can be daunting. I always worry I’m forgetting something or will want to wear something I didn’t bring. Add in an infant and I get even more overwhelmed. Just the thought of being out of our comfort zone is scary. I’ve learned it takes a lot of pre-planning, whether that be outfits or comforting things for Crosby. I picked up on a little trick after first weekend away with little miss that I wanted to share.

You may remember me raving about Birdie by OLIKA in this post, but this little guy is literally my life savor and I never leave home without it. Never. When we head out of town it’s the first thing I make sure I’ve packed so I’m not stuck somewhere with the baby worrying about germs. It’s basically my security blanket. Since the next thing on my list of worries is usually what we’re wearing, I also like to put together a couple of easy outfits with what I’ve packed that way when we get busy I can just throw one on without having to do too much.

Do you have any tricks for traveling with a little one? I’d love to hear!

This post was sponsored by OLIKA, all opinions are my own.