Have you ever seen a happier leopard?! I can’t believe Halloween is just over a month away. For the second year in a row Crosby told me what she wants to be and what she wants Wilder to be. She definitely calls the shots! Last year she was a butterfly and he was a frog, but I had to put him in her old baby leopard costume for a few photos too. Crosby wore this in a Halloween fashion show on Access Hollywood Live when she was 7 months old and fell asleep on camera. Wilder seemed to love wearing it and was just about the cuddliest little leopard cub.

Today I wanted to share some cute costumes for babies and toddlers to get the Halloween ball rolling a bit.

I think this skunk is the cutest baby costume. Really wishing I got it for one of the kids when they were babies.

This little lamb costume is so sweet.

Also dying over this little giraffe costume.

A Hershey Kiss – darling!

I love that this Minnie Mouse costume is rose gold instead of the traditional red and black.

Cute little baby Princess Belle.

This Butterfly costume is so pretty.

Love Where The Wild Things Are – this costume is adorable.

I feel like this light-up T-Rex is in my future.

Crosby wore this princess dress to camp last week – it’s made really well and comes in several different princesses.