baby bling bow c/o, cloud island onesie, old navy vest, cleobella pants c/o, freshly picked moccasins c/o

I’ve resulted to starting every months post the same, I can’t believe Crosby is 8 months old! Lucky for you there’s only a few more months before she’s one. Insert all the tears for me.

She’s changed a lot this past month. She’s gets around so fast and pulls herself up on everything – like I’m not sure how we’re going to put a Christmas tree up. She prefers to be moving and barely sits still or cuddles. There were two different times last month where she fell asleep on me, something that hasn’t happened in forever, it was heaven.

She babbles a lot but the only “word” we can make out is BA. She says it all day and it’s the cutest thing. Ba ba ba ba.

Crosby is obsessed with Mackie and all of Mackie’s toys. I think she’d be happy with a basket full of dog toys if we let her.

She definitely seems to be teething – puts everything in her mouth, etc, but no teeth yet. We keep a lot of teethers on hand for her to suck on.

Her worst area is still eating, but she’s much better with solid foods! Aside from avocados (is she even our child) she loves everything and gets so excited to eat. The bottle is another story… she’s still getting breast milk and formula, but we’ll see how long we can keep this up.

As always, I’m linking our monthly favorites below!

Footed Pajamas – a basic that we couldn’t live without. She’s typically sleeping in a pair of footies with her fleece Halo sleepsack and stays comfortable all night. We keep her crib like a jail cell (fitted sheet only) and don’t have to worry about her getting cold

Pack ‘N Play – What would we do without these? We have 3. One is in our living room for her to play in, one at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and one to travel with. We brought it to Big Bear last month and she did great in it.

Bambo Nature skin care – still our favorites in this department. We use the bath oil, lotion and love balm – love how natural and sensitive they are on her skin. We’re still obsessed with their diapers and wipes too, but I mention them every month and didn’t want to sound like a broken record.

Cleobella Littles – we were sent a few pieces from their baby line last month and I’m obsessed. She’s wearing these pants in the photos and got to wear these bloomers before it cooled down. Love how unique everything is!

Wubbanub – we never leave home without one! They have been Crosby’s favorite thing for months now and are so helpful for self-soothing. I’m scared for the day we have to ween her off of them!

Have a great day – thanks for reading!