I’ve mentioned how obsessed I am with the Olsen twins before so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ashley is my first “Why It Worked” feature.  Most of the time the girls look more like gypsies or over-accessorized Christmas trees than the uber successful moguls that they are… which is why I chose this photo of her.  Although its a few years old, she’s rocking a timeless look that will translate for years to come.

The Bangs: Blunt thick bangs are not a look many women over the age of eight can pull off.  Ashley’s highlight her eyes and facial features and contrast nicely with the rest of her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

The Skirt: A high-waisted white lace skirt is a classic piece that is versatile enough to go with so many things.  Love that she took a simple semi-sheer black cami for a bit of an edgy contrast to the girly lace.  I’d love to see a button down chambray shirt for a more laid back look or a fun feminine cap-sleeved pastel top.

The Bangle:  Often times, big loose bracelets float around on our arms making it distracting and hard to keep in place.  A trick I picked up from the Olsen’s is to slide the bangle up your arm as far as it goes to keep it in place and show off the bracelet.  Move it around until you find a comfortable place, it shouldn’t be cutting off your circulation.

The Bag: Another trend I attribute to the Olsen’s (and Nicole Richie) is the Balenciaga motorcycle bag.  This sea foam color is one of my favorites and the smaller size does not overwhelm her girly look.