This year I wanted to make a list of resolutions based off areas I think I slacked in last year. I really want to make the most of the next three months before baby boy is born and completely rocks my world. After April these might all go out the window, but I want to at least start strong.

similar jacket, dress, similar boots, letterboard

First and foremost I want to work on organization. We Jeff spent the better part of the last two weeks cleaning out our garage. If you saw our garage a month ago you would have thought we were total hoarders. It was stuffed with strollers, baby gear, cardboard boxes, DVD’s, bikes, etc. And had been pretty much since we moved in three years ago. Once the garage is completely cleared out we’ll be moving on to the guest room. Aside from home organization I want to be better with my editorial calendar and general life organization. Maybe I’ll actually use a calendar this year. 

Another resolution is to get up and go to bed earlier. I used to wake up at 5 am every day for work and would have no problem getting out of bed at 7 am on the weekends. Now I’m lucky if I’m up by 8. Our whole house has been sleeping in and it was kind of nice… but now I’m ready to be productive in the mornings again. I need some time before Crosby gets up to go through emails, work on blog stuff or just drink my coffee.

Which brings me to my next resolution… drink more water. I’ve always been good about drinking water and think I drink enough but since I’ve been pregnant this time I’ve been getting a little bored having water with every meal and often go for a diet coke if we’re out. I’m okay with indulging every once in a while but I don’t want it to become a daily thing.

These resolutions are all bleeding into each other but my next one is to eat out less. The end of the year we got so busy we started bringing in food a lot more than normal. In 2019 we’re aiming to eat dinner at home five days a week.

My last one is definitely more frivolous, but it’s to start wearing lip liner. I’ve never really worn lip liner regularly but always love how my lips look when I get my makeup done and they use it. I’m going to try some out in the next few weeks and update you when I find one I love.

similar jacket, dress, similar boots , letterboard

Happy New Year! XO