Pregnancy has made my hair grow like a weed! I know it’s probably just temporary and everyone says it will start to fall out after I have they baby but I’m hoping to ride this wave for as long as possible. It may be long and healthy but it definitely needed a little TLC, so with the help of my friends over at Sassoon Salon Costa Mesa I was able to bring my blonde back to life.

I met with Salon & Color Director Adriana Harrison again and she stuck to the same technique as last time when applying my highlights. We went with a few more low lights this time and I’m loving the contrast. It still looks natural but has a little more dimension and should be more low maintenance – something I’ll definitely value more as a mom. Now that I’ve seen Adriana twice I am so confident she is going to give me exactly what I want color-wise.

Up next was a blowout with Melissa Hollinsworth. Before Sassoon I was never really a fan of blowouts, I know most girls love them but I always find myself micromanaging my stylist. My hair can be temperamental – it gets super tangled when it’s wet and hairspray weighs it down making the blowout fall flat really fast. With Melissa I didn’t have to say anything other than I wanted some volume and she got to it. She understood my hair and didn’t weight it down with unnecessary product. I was able to make the blowout last for four days and probably could have gone longer.

Sassoon has added a blowout menu where you can pick exactly what type of style you want from their menu. They also recently added two new styles “Luxe Volume” and the “Rope Pony.” There’s really a style for everyone!

I didn’t get a trim this time but I plan on trying to squeeze one last appointment in before baby. It’s amazing how a little pampering like this can make you feel like a new person, even at nine months pregnant.

Hope you have a great weekend – thanks for reading!