Ever since we announced baby #2, the gender questions have rolled in. “Do you know what you’re having?” “Do you want a boy since you already have a girl?” Our answers are yes and we don’t care. Or maybe I didn’t care but deep down I knew Jeff wanted a boy.

We did a blood test and found out the gender back in September when I was about 11 weeks pregnant. We did the same test with Crosby and I can’t imagine waiting any longer to find out, I’m super impatient and need to know ASAP. And as far as preference goes, I really would have been fine with either. It would be nice for Crosby to have a sister… plus we already have all the clothes. But a boy would be fun too… and the first grandson on both of our family sides.

I think these photos will spell it out for you…

It’s a BOY!!! We are so excited to add a little guy to our family! Jeff’s still shocked. He thought he was going to end up in a house full of girls! I’m most excited to see both Jeff and Crosby with a baby boy.

Jeff actually surprised me with the news the day we found out. Scratch that, he tortured me. We made a video on IGTV and you can actually watch us finding out.

I had a gut feeling it was a boy pretty much from the start. Which was weird since this pregnancy has been identical to my pregnancy with Crosby. And it goes to show that most of those old wives tales are just for fun, there’s a 50/50 chance on all of them.

I’m so excited for this new baby and kind of feel like I’m starting from scratch. If you have any favorite places to find cute boy clothes, please fill me in! I’ll be sharing everything as we go from nursery decor to the clothes I find.

Thank you SO MUCH for all the love and excitement you’ve shown our family. It feels like I have a bunch of friends cheering me on and makes me even more excited for this new chapter. XO!

outfit details:

my jacket c/o, old dress (similar)

Crosby’s denim jacket, similar dress

Jeff’s henley, jeans

… and one more because I wanted Mackie in on it too.